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For many years, E.X. Heatherley spent his days in pastoral ministry and his nights in studying the Bible and the works of Christian scholars...and writing.  As his parishioners and other friends provided the funds, he published these writings and distributed them free of charge far and wide.  Some of these "Free Evangelical Books,"  as he called them, are still available.  We are happy to provide them here as long as the limited supplies last.  With any order for Our Heavenly Home or The Parables of Christ (published by Balcony Publishing, Inc.), you may choose one of the "Free Evangelical Books" shown and described on this page.  Click on the "Dropdown List" after each book you purchase to choose your free book.         



The Hinges of the Faith


The writers of the Christian Scriptures lived and wrote over a period of hundreds of years.  Most of them did not know each other or live in the same era.  So the Bible was written more as the story (or stories) of the Faith than as a systematic doctrinal work.  Nevertheless, through the miracle of Divine inspiration, it does include the Christian doctrines that, together, make up the cohesive, living truths of the Christian faith.
In The Hinges of the Faith, E. X. Heatherley has collected from the books and pages of the Bible the essential tenets that beautifully and doctrinally form the basis of the Christian belief system...and for a relationship between God and man that is full of meaning and love.
Reading and absorbing the pages of this book is truly an enlightening and rewarding adventure. 

               Paperback     ~     192 Pages  

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The Credentials of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ  

Imagine the shock of the religious leaders in first century Israel when Jesus claimed to be the Messiah, the Son of God.  And even more, when he cleansed the temple in Jerusalem, assuming that he had the divine right to do so.  For good reason, they demanded, "By what authority do you do these things?"  In other words:  "What are your credentials?"  This book answers that very important question.

      Paperback   ~    46 pages

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The Vigilance Parables

Many passages in the Bible warn about the catastrophic judgments of the "end of time."  No prophet was more clear in teaching about this than Jesus.  In fact, many of his parables were given specifically to prepare his followers for the "last days." These are called "the vigilance parables."  Seven of them are explained in this book including The Householder and the Thief, The Ten Virgins, and  The Talents.  The dominant theme of these parables is epitomized in Jesus' own words:  "Therefore, be ye also ready:  for in such an hour as ye think not, the Son of man cometh."  (Mt. 24:44.)

     Paperback  ~    62 pages

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Selected Sermons

E.X. Heatherley was in the Christian ministry for over 60 years, during which he pastored 10 churches, (four of which he was the founder), preached and taught as a visiting minister in scores of churches from Florida to Wyoming, wrote and published over forty books, conducted a radio ministry called "The Man with the Book," and, published a magazine called "Grace and Glory."  In the process he preached and wrote thousands of sermons.  This little book presents five of those sermons that typify what his ministry was all about.  

      Paperback     ~    54 pages

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